I actually like Fall more than I expected ! I look forward to some warm hearty meals and yummy pies 😉



Natural love; Newfound

I’ve gone natural and I feel amazing and free. Never knew how liberating and powerful this feeling was and I can’t wait to see what great things are in store for me.

I also regret the time it took me to finally make this change.
Better late than never.



Looking for New

I’m interested in working in a place people want but don’t need. I’m sick of the strenuous customer service jobs…looking at boutiques and specialty service shops for more happy and enjoyable experiences.
Also as the Taurus season starts, and my birthday approaches in 7 days, I want to make a change to this aspect of my life. I just love positive energy and I want my work to reflect that starting now.

“The Group”

I was reading some required text for my professional business communications class and a sentence still resonates with me. It was a comparison between African-American and European cultures. White people were considered more independent while black people are likely to be in groups. At first I was offended because I considered myself to be independent and actually stray away from group think and following the crowd.
Then I thought that maybe they were talking about Africa and tribes etc but no they said African-American.
That’s me and you.
The text was a general statement which served as an example to another concept but I feel like this “soft statistic” or observation will you is hindering our progression as a people and assisting in creating a culture full of followers. Why is it that when I walk around in college I can see: a group of black people walking together, talking together, sitting together (which is great) but I’m talking about 20 people deep. The context of their conversations are usually mocking people walking by, making fun of hairdos, looking at butts, whatever you can imagine; no school work just boisterous, obnoxious behavior. Other students in pairs are usually having calm and reasonable tone conversations.
I feel that there is a lack of realization where black people feel the need to be in “cliques” but you are only creating tension and with everyone else. If we teach our YOUNG people that it’s OK to stand alone and be your own person we would have a greater group of confident people to go out and achieve their goals; well spoken and well mannered. When you’re in groups you’re more apt to do things that you generally would never do by yourself.

Thank you for reading my rant and understanding my position on this topic.


…amongst other things